DC/DC Converters

Our DC/DC converters

Converter / Voltage regulator

The RMS 48/48 DC regulators make your equipment more reliable by supplying a perfectly regulated voltage, particularly in the event of :
  • Overload of your 48VCC power supply,
  • anomalous output voltage between 36VCC and 72VCC,
  • a transient voltage failure at the auxiliary services (B High Voltage failures, A High Voltage, ) d’une chute de tension transitoire au niveau des services auxiliaires (incidents HTB, HTA, functionning of the SHUNT circuit breaker, etc.)

Moreover, as our regulator includes a galvanic isolation between output circuits and input circuits, it protects your totalizer from parasites.

> Technical Specifications :
  • Input voltage : 48 Volts (from 36 Volts to 72 Volts)
  • Output voltage : 48 Volts +/- 2%
  • Max. output current : 16A
  • Protection against overloads and shorts
  • Operating temperature : from -10°C to 50°C
  • Output : > 83 %
  • Convection : natural
  • Isolation : > Input / Output 500 Volts DC
  • Connection : by terminal block
  • Compliance with standards : EN50081-1, EN50082-1, EN60950, EC

> Sizes, on base plate : H240 x L700 x D125 mm

> Option : available on 19'' rack



Example of plate mounting with 4 elements. Photo for information purpose only.


The model displayed is an example of DC/DC assembly

Other voltages and powers: Contact us


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