VE 5 Case

VE 5 Energy Case

The historical core product of the company, as the creation of RMS Electronic is based on it. In 1991, the VE 5 case was awarded the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. The VE 5 is still operating today, particularly in hospital biomedical services. 
The VE 5 self-contained energy case can supply whenever, wherever 230V / 50hz sinus-wave AC and is designed to be carried easily to the place of use. 
It is rechargeable on mains supply with its power cable or cigar lighter plug (12).

When the case is not in use (Stand-by), you can save the storage energy with its automatic start system.

Some usage examples :

> medical field :
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump
  • Syringe
  • Ventilator
Industry :
  • Portable electric devices
  • Measurement device
> Technical Specifications :
  • Material : Case of reinforced aluminium
  • Sizes : L 420 x H315 x D225mm
  • Weight of the unit : 20 Kg
  • Built-in battery : 12Volts / 34Ah
  • Nominal power : 500VA
  • Power handling : 900VA
  • Built-in charger :230V / 4A
  • Voltmeter : LCD Display (4 lines)
  • Output protection : Electronic

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Included accessories : 
  • 1 charger wire 230V (2P+T Normalised)
  • 1 charger wire for car cigar lighter (12V) with poka-yoke
  • Output 12 V direct by female cigar lighter point.
Range :
  • Available in 300 VA (VE 2) model
  • Available in medical version*

*The medical version is equipped with an extra mains outlet on the side of the case and a by-pass and can be used closed.

Download the documentation about the VE 5
Download the documentation about the VE 2


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