12 V / 20 A Power Supplies

12V / 20A Power Supplies

Technical Specifications :
> Input voltage :
  • 230V -15%/+10%  50Hz+/-5%
  • Protected by fuse
> Output voltage :
  • 12V ( internal adjustment from 11.5V to 14V)
  • +/-2% to 0 to In.
  • Residual ripple : 60mV peak to peak
> Output current :
  • 20A nominal voltage
  • Protected from overvoltages and shorts.
  • Short-circuit voltage : 5A
 > Protection against battery overvoltages :
  • Switch-on Threshold : >15V → Outage of 230V on charger
  • Switch-back Threshold : <13V → Validation of 230V on charger
 > Alarms :
  • Low battery : by contact closure with adjustable threshold from 10V to 12V
  • Mains : by contact closure
> Max. consumed current 50A

> Wall box 
  • Sizes : 300 x 150 x 120mm
  • Weight : 11 kg
> Presentation on a rack :
  • Sizes : 19' x 3U
  • Weight : 13 kg

Photos for information purpose only

> Manual mode :
  • Change into manual mode by a switch on front side (anticlockwise)
  • Setting of Manual mode voltage by potentiometer on front side (anticlockwise)            
  • Setting range of the output voltage from 11.5V to 15V
  • Overvoltage protection disabled  
  • Setting of the low battery thresholds and shut-off option
  • Option : hut-off of consumed power output on threshold adjustable from 9V to 11V


Our company provides you a full range of finished products as well as global solutions.
In addition, our services can supply you comprehensive services for assembling power-supply and telecommunication bays according to your specifications
Our priorities include know-how and custom-size to best meet the demands of our clients.
Our R&D department may work alongside you in all your specific projects by combining responsiveness, service and manufacturing quality
For the purpose of ensuring a high autonomy on remote sites, our company uses fuel cells and integrates them in its range of energy conversion materials.